Friday, August 1, 2008

Girls' Night Out

I moved back to "The City" two years ago, and instantly reconnected with my friend from middle school, J. She introduced me to all her friends, and fully welcomed me into their social circle, which is just what a girl new to town (and living, at the time, with her parents) needs! Sadly, 2 of the girls moved away in the last year, and one is currently on a world tour (hi S!), but J and I are as close as ever, and I feel so lucky to know her again. She even made me an amazing 4-course meal for an early birthday celebration (she actually made two full on menus that I got to pre-order from - how lucky am I?). Friends are the best.

I've also been really lucky to reconnect with some friends from college lately. P, C and Be were in my sorority (yes, I was in sorority. Please don't judge! Actually, go ahead, if you'd like - I judge sorority girls all the time) and we starting emailing and have been getting together for dinners recently, which is so fun! We have a blast and laugh a ton. Last week P organized a get together to introduce her college friends to her friends from here, and it was a smashing success! I'm at the age where I feel like I can tell pretty instantly if I'm going to get along/be friends with someone, and I think this group just totally clicked! Sadly, C and Be couldn't make it, due to being sick (C) and going on her honeymoon (congrats, Be!!), but I brought my other friend, B, who I actually know from 5th grade - man, I really have reconnected with a lot of people! Is this getting confusing with all the initials? I'm going to have to give out some nicknames! Anyway, P's friend MK came, along with her friend Ka, and we had a blast at this really cute, but crowded wine bar.

The first hour or two we were just chatting away, getting to know each other and exchanging stories, but then when we moved inside, the real hilarity began. This beyond drunk guy approached us after standing next to us and trying to find an "in" for quite awhile, and promptly invited himself to some future event we were talking about. He also proceeded to repeatedly touch our backs, which, ew. I physically removed his hand from my back and said "no touching" and he decided then that he hated me - which was quite alright with me! Ka started discussing personal space in America vs. other countries, and Drunk Dude decided that she was "arrogant." Oh, we were laughing so hard. Then he went on to have a conversation with MK, and would periodically look over at me and say, "but I don't care what she thinks." Fine with me, buddy! They started talking about marathons (I'm running my first half marathon on Sunday - my birthday), and he asked MK her time, and announced that if they were to run together, he would naturally beat her, because men are biologically superior. Those may have not been his exact words, but that was the gist. He also told her she was "memserizing." Or maybe it was "mesermizing." Either way, P and I were practically peeing our pants at this point. So, so funny. He finally left, and his much nicer friend came over and we were joking with him - Drunk Dude was definitely getting a hard time about this the next day. And just when we thought we were rid of him... no such luck. He saunters back over and starts listing all of MK's great qualities (dude, you should BE so lucky), including, "and I can't see your body, but I bet if I could it would be great." Ha!! I really haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Apparently on the way out he stopped P & MK to tell them that they were cool, but they really needed nicer friends. Hahahaha.

Such a fun night, and I'm looking forward to our upcoming dessert-and-wine night in my 'hood!

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BruinChiq said...

so jealous of the GTGs. And it's sad that I think I know who P, C & Be are... and I was so sad to miss Be's wedding!!!! :(

I was in SF on Tuesday... and sadly I left at 8am, got home at 6pm, and was only in the city from 11:30-2:30 (of which...12-2 was a meeting). SO dang sad!

But soon my dear... soooooooon! :) I just need to get my boy together with his city buds on a weekend and then I can run away for a bit!